See Life Through Superman’s Eyes

This is amazing! We found this little video, that shows what life is like through Superman’s eyes. It’s a neat video with some very clever effects. Someone’s put a GoPro camera on him…or…..most likely done by using an RC helicopter or similar and then throwing in some nifty editing. Either way very well done, and […]

Recommended Pre-Reading for Avengers vs. X-Men

We recently reviewed the Avengers vs. X-Men (Hardcover) TPB and got feedback from a few of our followers that they didn’t know where to start to get to the events in the comic book. So this is a special post for these followers. Its also for those who are new to the Marvel Universe, in […]

Top 5 Super-Hero Romances

Super-hero romances are often portrayed as large, legendary and unimaginable events in their lives that somehow gets in the way of their lives. Well, despite all that there are several of them that have stood the test of time…we’ll not all, but certainly some have been steamier than others. Here we take a look at […]

Ultimate Batman Reading Order (Pre-New 52)

This is in particular for all the Marvel fans. Ha ha. Kidding. While there are so many great graphic novels out there for the (Batman) fans, it’s hard to follow where the comic fits is the storyline without researching on Wikipedia. Often in the research, you end up reading the spoilers. And sometimes when you […]

Prelude to Captain America: The Winter Soldier

While all the fans wait eagerly for the Captain America sequel, Marvel is leveraging on this. Marvel has announced that they will be releasing a comic (part of their digital Infinite Comics) to serve as a prelude to the movie. The comic brings the writer Peter David in collaboration the upcoming artist Rock He-Kim (known […]

Wally West is coming back!

  With the reboot of the DC comics (New 52), our favorite speedster was left out, similar to Stephanie Brown & others. However, Stephanie’s return to the Bat Family was announced in the NYCC 2013 (we covered that). Now, the latest is they have announced Wally West’s return. The announcement was made on USA Today. […]

Star Wars Moves to Marvel

Did you know that Marvel was the original publisher of the Star Wars comics? This was back in the 70’s & 80’s when the movies were a super commercial success. Dark Horse had bought the license for 22 years, giving us some great comics. Now the time is up, the franchise is moving back to […]

Ghost Rider gets a Car!

Earlier this year we were told as part of the NYCC Marvel updates that there be several new titles & changes in 2014, including an all new Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is trading in his motorbike for a Dodge Charger! This change, I don’t think, anybody saw coming. The good part is that the wheels […]

Sandman Movie

The list of comics making to it movies only grows larger every year. Sandman is joining the club or at least rumored to be. Warner has been discussing this since the early 90s, when the comics made it big to the stands. However, the idea had never turned to reality for various reasons. Most speculated […]

Superman: 75 years. 2 minutes. Epic!

In honor of the hero’s 75th anniversary, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and DC animated universe maestro Bruce Timm have crafted this two-minute animated short, which blasts through the highlights of the character’s many incarnations, from comics, to movies, video games, and even pop art. The short, produced by Warner Bros. Animation, and the […]