Avengers Infinity War Movie Review

Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Free Review

Avengers: Infinity War, 10 years in the making, and what do we get? Probably the most emphatic superhero experience that’s filled with excitement, and humour you’ve come to demand from an MCU movie! From the minute the movie starts, its an onslaught of action, thrills, gags, and gasps, played out with a star studded cast […]

“Rampage” Movie Review

The concept of  “Let’s smash a city with Dwayne Johnson” is starting to wear thing. “Rampage” may be based on a video game, but it plays like a live-action joke. Don’t get me wrong, visually, it’s brilliant! but I don’t know whom it’s really catering to. Video game movies are never great…the list is long, […]