The Punisher: No Mercy – PS3 Review

Castle’s back! but does he impress? The thumbs up: Shyte load of unlockables!! Whoo ho! The thumbs down: Very Very Short story line | Unlockables take forever | Online play frames Like most bargain games; The Punisher: No Mercy seems like a decent value. For only $10, you get an online multiplayer shooter with eight […]

Will the Xbox 360 survive 2008?

Let’s face facts here, the Xbox 360 in terms of sheer technology was a little….yes a little behind the PlayStation 3. Now looking back about what happened in 2007, which was a great year by the way for the 360, I can’t help imagine what happens next? read more: Tags: gaming | Console | […]

God Of War III Confirmed For 2009 – PlayStaion 3

Well, we were kinda hoping against hope that it would arrive in time for the 2008 holiday season, but that was probably pushing it. Provided this inside source is correct, God of War III is scheduled for release some time in 2009. The game’s composer, Cris Velasco, confirmed the title would release in 2009. Furthermore, […]