Retron HD

RetroN HD is the Mini NES That we Need

With Nintendo discontinuing the NES Classic Edition, RetroN HD announced their new mini console specifically targetd at NES games, and even more targeted at those who probably missed out on the classic offering from Nintendo. Also for those who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it on Amazon or eBay. The […]

PS4 Pro White

The Best Days of the PS4 Pro are Still Ahead of us

The PS4 was off to a great start when it released in late 2013,  it outsold the Xbox one for a very long time after both consoles were available in the market. I won’t get into the reasons of which one sold better and why, but over 3 years have passed since their launch, and […]

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Update 1.14 and Patch Notes

Finally, the Dark Souls 3 update 1.14 is now available to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The full details are listed below, but to summarize, there are 3 things to look forward to – bugs, balances and tweaks. Well, that’s really not much of a summary, but do go through the patch notes […]

Overwatch teases big announcement for 11th April 2017

While the fans of Overwatch was picking this part at the bone, there’s a pretty huge announcement slated for 11th April. Exactly a week from, today. There are 2 key things to observe:   Tracer skin: in the middle of the video, you can see a hologram of Tracer doing a full 360, but something […]

Introducing Catwoman – Injustice 2

Catwoman, makes her much anticipated debut in Injustice 2. She was already a mainstay character in Injustice one, but she felt a lot slower and delibrate in the previous iteration. However, they’ve seem to have dialed up the speed a bit too much here. But that’s just me. There’s a little bit of banter between […]

PlayStation VR sold 915,000 units since launching in October

While Sony has proudly showed off PS4 sales numbers, they’ve held back on sales numbers for the PlayStation VR headset. Until now. In an interview with new York Times, Sony CEO Andrew House revealed that the VR headset has sold 915,000 units to date since it launched back in October 2016. And those are good […]

New Overwatch Character Teased, Again

A new teaser hinting at who will presumably be the next playable hero to join the Overwatch roster has been revealed. In a post on Twitter, the official Overwatch account shared the following image, along with the message: “[BREAKING] OR15 defense units destroyed in confrontation with unidentified assailant at Numbani airport. No civilian casualties reported.” […]

Black Canary Joins Injustice 2 Roster

The latest playable character to be revealed for Injustice 2 was Black Canary. Black Canary is one of more than a dozen characters that have been revealed so far. Others include the usual characters, like Batman and Superman, along with Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Blue Beetle. The next reveal is coming on Monday, February […]

Playing Portal In The Real World With the Hololens

This Portal demo for Microsoft’s Hololens—an “augmented reality” headset that displays digital content on glasses overlaid on your outside vision—looks incredible. When the Hololens was announced, the possibilities seemed endless, but adoption seemed like it would take forever. [youtube url=”″] However with this Portal Demo, I’m pretty sure, it’s getting folks excited to own one. […]