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The 20 Hottest Female Cosplayers To Watch In 2015

If you’ve attended any sort of Comic Con or geek convention in the last few decades, you’ll know that nerdom is populated by an array of different types who all share a common interest in dressing up as their favorite super heroes, anime characters, and more.

The word “cosplay” comes from the terms “costume” and “play”. It has, in recent years, become the center of some controversy with accusations that the practice tends towards the misogynistic: With beautiful women dressing up as sexy versions of favourite fantasy characters and making a career out of having their photo taken, the cosplayers who garner the most attention are, typically, the women.

Of course, accusations of sexism have plagued comic books and video games for as long as either art form has been existent, and those same accusations haven’t prevented the practice from exploding in the convention community. It’s worth noting, too, that the women who engage in cosplay are typically artistic costume designers with a passion for they do who, perhaps, just happen to look great doing it.

Thanks to social media, fans can follow their favourite cosplayers and check out their stunning creations without having to make a roadtrip to every big Comic Con. As the cosplay community continues to heat up year on year, the following are the twenty hottest cosplaying women to watch in 2015. They have the biggest pool of social media likes, followers, and admirers and they’re by far some of the very hottest geek girls out there.

Source: The 20 Hottest Female Cosplayers To Watch In 2015 – TheRichest



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