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The Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2014


The horror genre in gaming has grown leaps and bounds since the age old Silent Hill and Resident Evil days. Tons of new games over the past few years have really put this genre on the map. Noteworthy games like F.E.A.R, Doom 3, Alan Wake, Dead Space and not to mention the vast improvement in the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games, well..not all the Resident Evil games, but you get the idea. In 2014, there are a bunch of great games that are sure to scare the living daylights out of you, and we take a quick peek at some of them.

Note that these games are in no particular order.

The Forest


The Forest, is game that’s somewhat crossed between Cannibal Holocaust and The Descent, well, more of The Descent actually. The premise is simple: You’re on an island that’s brimming with cannibals that only come out at night. Prepare for their attack during the day and squish them when they come out at night. Dying is gruesome and they’ve taken creative liberties in the worst way imaginable. If you taste success by dawn (no pun intended), you rinse and repeat.


The Evil Within


While the game makes fairly tall claims to reinvigorate the horror genre and we think it’s pretty spot on. Everything from the visuals, to the sound (which is a BIG deal), to the monsters themselves, ALL look intimidating. It would certainly be foolhardy to play this in the night, with no lights on, and in 5.1 surround…but there’s no other way we’d enjoy it!

Among the Sleep


Combine a child’s limitless imagination with a stormy night, and all the scary monsters you ever dreamed about and you have ‘Among the Sleep’. Essentially, the uniqueness of the game is driven through the perspective of a toddler, exploring his family’s house during a stormy night. If the trailer is anything to go by, you know you’ll be having more nightmares.



After The Evil Within, Daylight, is my next most anticipated horror game. The game has everything that set to grind the pit of your stomach with fear; everything from the setting, which is in an abandoned hospital, to the visuals – the game has unlimited replayablity, as the game generates levels on the go. So no two experiences are the same. This is heading to the PS4 as well, so rest assured that a console version will certainly be out.

Dying Light


Funny, Dying Light should follow Daylight, but in essence the game is closer to The Forest. Except that it’s faster, meaner, more bad-ass, and scary as hell! Forget nightmares, this game will give you ‘Daymares’.



Now this game for me, will either be awesome, or will suck really bad, but either way, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The visuals look a little dated, as do some of the character models, and the movement feels sluggish and forced…but once the horror elements start kicking in, that will be the last of your worries. The trailer doesn’t give away too much, but what little it does, will leave you wanting more.

Alien: Isolation


The game does certainly look good, but it also doesn’t give me much hope that SEGA is behind the game. This really isn’t their forte, but not like others have done a great job of the Alien franchise. So I’d really like to give this game a through look once it’s out. Either way, it’s one game that I can’t wait to play.



What makes Routine super interesting is that there are no health packs and no second chances – the permadeath system ensures that if you should encounter what actually lurks aboard the Lunar Research Station, you’ll probably have to start right back at the beginning. Super awesome or super annoying? I’ll decide when I play the game.

Outlast: The Whistleblower

Trailer coming soon...
Trailer coming soon…

Finally, on our list we have Outlast: The Whistleblower. Outlast, was easily the scariest game I’ve playing in 2013… But more is coming, which seeks to fill in some of the narrative gaps in the history of Mount Massive Asylum. You play as the Whistleblower, whose tip brought the original protagonist Miles Upshur to the asylum in the first place. You’ll witness the experiments and abuse that led to the downfall. If you survive the initial outbreak, new areas will open up with terrifying new secrets.

If you haven’t already experienced it, here’s a look at some of the scariest moments of Outlast:


There you have it folks, our Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2014. Sound off in the comments below. We certainly did look at multiple games – not to mention Dark Souls II, CastleVania and a few others, but really, these are the ones that had us shaking in our boots. So watch out for these!





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