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One of the key things about The Game Druid, is that we take pride in being strongly passionate and opinionated about what we write. We cover all things related to Gaming, Comics, TV shows, Tech and Movies. We know that, like us, there are several awesome folks out there, like you, who’ve got the chops to take this industry head on.

With that said, we’re always on the look out for amazing, credible and sincere writers, like you, who literally live and breathe in the gaming, comics & entertainment space…we’d like YOU to write for us!

If you are interested in posting a guest article , we’d be super excited to work with you and publish your creation for our readers. However, here are a few guidelines for an article to be published on our blog.

What we write about:

We cover all things related to gaming, comics, TV shows, movies, comics and tech.  you’ll get an idea of some of the articles we’ve written. Check out our list of latest articles. Within these sections we cover news, reviews, previews and opinions. This is pretty much the framework within with we’d like you to write.


Now, there are guidelines that we follow – fairly simple and straight forward.

No Sponsored Posts, affiliate links – Your post cannot be an advertisement for your product or the equivalent of a sponsored post. It must be a post that is intended to add value to readers. The post must indicate that you personally have written this post and you know what you are talking about.
Be Original – Your post must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print. Your personal experience on the topic is what makes your blog post interesting to a reader. Therefore, it must not be in textbook style. It must indicate your personal involvement with the subject just like any other blog post on this website published.
A Game Druid Account – you must have a Game Druid account – if you’re writing for us, we’ll set it up for you, and your article will be published under that. Make sure you have a gravatar as well.
Word Count – Make this count, we’re looking at at least 500 – 700 words, More, if you’re article demands it – but not more than 2500 words.
Style Match – You’re article style in terms of layout must be closely aligned to what we already have on the site. E.g. Images in the post, appropriate videos where necessary. If you’re sharing someone else’s image, please give credit where credit is due.
Editing and final publishing – We will review, edit (if needed) and publish you’re article. We will ask for your approval before publishing.

Why Should I Guest Post at The Game Druid Blog??

Here are some reason’s why you should guest post here:

  • Get your word out there…get noticed. Increase your online presence
  • More traffic to your site
  • We’re across all social platforms – so you’re presence will be noticed there too!
  • Increase Subscribers – that’s almost too easy.
  • Building your Brand – are you a brand that’s tied to to what we’ve described earlier – why don’t you show our readers what you’re about
  • Get Quality Links

…oh wait, you mean you wanted the REAL reason why you should write for us?

We’re a fully functional community that’s brimming with writers, contributors, editors, gamers, TV show & movie fanatics and comic book freaks – be part of us!

Sounds Great! How do I send in my article?

If the above guidelines sound good, do drop us an email:  contact <at> gamedruid <dot> in
Once you’re content is approved, we will set up an account for you and send across log in details. You will need to create your gravatar and update your social links, along with an author bio.
If you have any questions, please contact us via email:  contact <at> gamedruid <dot> in