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Diablo III Launches on PS3 and 360 Today

The Hell Gates have finally opened for console owners with Diablo III launching today on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. With the game’s first expansion already announced, If you’ve been like us and looking to play Diablo III in a different way; all gathered in the game room with friends; no online lags etc. you can do that starting today.

Of course you can also play online, as with the PC version, or just go it alone as you rip through demon hordes. The game boasts a redesigned interface meant to take full advantage of the controller setup while still boasting all of the same content. So it might not tide you over if you’ve played through Diablo III multiple times, but if you’d like a refresher before the first expansion or just prefer the idea of a console experience, you can have that now.

Here are few key changes you ought to know:

1.The controls are different

While the PC version centered around optimizing the keyboard/mouse interface, console players won’t have to worry about key bindings. Everything you need is available through a streamlined two-stick interface.

2. The inventory UI is revamped

The inventory user interface has been optimized for easy access with console controls. You won’t even notice unless you’ve already played the PC version.

3. There’s no always online requirement

This one’s a biggie. Blizzard removed that pesky “always connected to the internet feature” from the console ports. Play Diablo whenever you want, regardless of downed lines or lag times.

4. There’s no real money auction house

You won’t be selling or buying any gear for cash on consoles. The real-money auction houses for loot and crafting Items are locked out.



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