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Melissa Benoist Reveals her Supergirl Costume

The first look at the new Supergirl costume from the upcoming TV show on CBS is finally out. Melissa Benoist plays Kara Zor-El, the Kryptonian who makes her way to Earth, pretty much the way her more popular cousin, Superman, did. The color combination of navy blue with maroon, is a nod to Superman’s costume in Man of Steel. Unsure, if there may be a crossover, but this color combination certainly leaves the door open for that.


Also worth taking note is her costume is more combat ready, compared to her comic counterpart, which had an exposed mid-riff, and a skirt that’s shorter than, well…let’s just say really short. The only nit-pick, I have, is the ‘S’ on her chest, which lacks the distinct yellow combination. There’s a slight yellow inner stroke, so to speak, but it sort of mutes the overall impact, visually.





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