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Top 8 Femme Fatales of Gaming

Here’s to girl power! Let’s take a look at some of the baddest and raddest women from the gaming world!

8) Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2)


A dark, brooding, depressing game calls for a personality who can be the saving grace; a breath of fresh air. That saving grace is Alyx Vance who is a highly skilled hacker who can get past through any computer system (nothing can stop her!) and reprogram them. A female hacker is totally rad! Add to it a dash of sense of humour and you have got a winner – you can’t help but love this character.

7) Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark)

Joanah Dark

When it comes to being a badass and a dangerous fighter, Joanna Dark is a force to reckon with. She can give even the top most guy characters a run for their money. A bounty hunter, she sets out to avenge her father’s death and does so successfully. Her skill with any kind of weapons leaves us breathless – be it machine guns or guns with X-rays or sniper rifles – all of it is just a piece of cake for her. What sets her apart is that she is one of the few main character in first person shooters, setting her completely apart from her counterparts.

6) Chloe Frazer (Uncharted)


Seems like the women of Uncharted really know their way around a fight; be it shooting at people or throwing punches at them. Bad girl turned good, Chloe Frazer has an attitude to match her fierce fighting skills. To make things even better, she is also intelligent. And guess what her profession is? A treausre hunter! For a job like that, you definitely need guts!

5) Sniper Wolf (Metal Gear Solid)


She is a loner. She is strong and independent. She is the villain in the game and is totally ruthless. Sniper Wolf hates men (or so it seems) and taunts her rival without any mercy. With a rough background, she makes for a very interesting character. Done wrong by the world, she set upon her path to take revenge – maybe not the right thing to do, but we must admit…it’s totally cool!

4) Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

Jill valentine

She is one of the most attractive female characters in video games and definitely one of the bravest. A member of the U.S. special police force STARS trapped in a mysterious mansion, she fights zombies! Her fighting abilities and bomb defusing skills make her one tough cookie. Besides these Jill Valentine is also a powerhouse of talents – she knows her way around most weapons like machine guns, rifles, explosives etc. She loves electronics and chemistry. She is a great hand to hand combatant and get this…she can also pick locks. Crazy, huh?

3) Madison Paige (Heavy Rain)


A young photojournalist, Madison Paige is a character plagued by insomnia and nightmares – her only option is checking into motels for a good night’s sleep. To make matters worse, she finds herself amidst a serial killer case. But, what makes her badass you ask? The fact that she doesn’t need a man to help her out of a dangerous situation. She is an ordinary girl with ordinary looks (not the stereotypical sexy, gorgeous looks of women in video games) who is extremely smart and capable. What’s more? She is a survivor!

2) Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)


Recognized as the “Most Successful Human Virtual Game Heroine”, Lara Croft definitely deserves a place on this list. She is an English archaeologist and the game revolves around her dangerous adventures. Though her background story differs depending on the medium (comics, games, movies) or who is the game developer, the common theme is she is an orphan. In one she survived a plane crash, in other her parents died in the plane crash while some other story stated she and her mother survived a plane crash where her mother disappeared and later on in her life her father was murdered. Lara Croft is beautiful, highly intelligent and extremely athletic. She prefers working alone and ventures into hazardous tombs and ruins all around the world – often carrying with her two pistols. When it comes to her enemies Lara Croft can definitely kick some serious a**!

1) Lightning (Final Fantasy)


Famously known as Lightning, this mysterious woman from Final Fantasy with her long,pink hair and blue eyes strikes a pretty picture. But, don’t be fooled by her looks – she is a total badass! Have you seen the green metallic pauldron with yellow stripes on her left shoulder? That symbolizes her rank as a sergeant. She is independent, determined and strongly stands for what she believes. She serves as the protector of the Goddess Etro – and this is where she derives her incredible strength from. The main star of the Final Fantasy XIII games, Lightning endeavors on the path of saving her younger sister Serah.

Honorable Mention

The Ladies of Mortal Kombat

LAdies of MK

The Ladies of Street Fighter!


We love all these badass women as they are more than just pretty faces!



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