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2013’s Worst Movies


2013 has been a rollercoaster of a year. Some movies just blew us away because they were just so good, others you wish just blew our brains (and we are probably still wondering what happened there). Let me give you the Ultimate 5 that you must avoid. Don’t get blinded by the fancy DVD cover or the big actors in the movies. If you got them as Christmas gifts and haven’t opened the original packing yet, don’t hesitate to blindly exchange them for anything else or even re-gift to others. To add justification to the short listing of the movies – these are movies we expected a lot from…

It’s not a list of movies that you haven’t heard of but a list of movies that you will recognize & must avoid!


5. R.I.P.D.

The movie has its moments but they fade away so quickly, leaving you disappointed. Jeff Bridges & Ryan Reynolds play dead cops who work in the “Rest in Peace Department” to keep the Ghost World and the Real World in order. Not sure if this was an attempt at a variation of GhostBusters or something original. The cast is inviting and that’s all there is.



4. Scary Movie 5

Are you still wondering why part 5 was made? I’m still wondering why part 2 was made. The first was funny. Like many other spoofs, it had has witty humour that was on the borderline of vulgar. With part 5 (hoping for miracle this time), there is no story or any sign of wit – its only vulgarity with jokes that makes me wonder what creators were thinking when making this movie.  I know, the poster is a giveaway but seriously, when did these movies get so bad?

Scary Movie 5


3. Movie 43

After reading the details of the movie on Wikipedia, I was very intrigued. The movie was extremely dry lacking humour (even though it is supposed to be a funny movie) – RIPD was funnier! The cast is brilliant but that’s the only good thing in the movie. Once you watch it, you cannot “unwatch” it.

Movie 43


2. A Good Day to Die Hard

Can we say that this is not part of the Die Hard series? Pretty please? This is the perfect example to prove that just because the pervious instalments have been blockbusters, the next instalment too will be a hit. Wondering if Bruce Willis was obliged by a contract for this movie. Hmmm. Probably he simply didn’t read the script. If you own the Die Hard Quadrilogy, keep it safe & ignore this movie. That’s what I’m doing.

A good day to die hard


1. After Earth

I don’t think the studio had much faith in this movie either.  The movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. With his luck at the box office on the recent flicks, his name was not used in any of the promotions. They purely banked on Will Smith & son, overselling it to us but even they couldn’t save it. I want my 100 minutes back! While I want to largely blame Jaden Smith, it’s the entire team that was at fault for making worst movie of the year. Can we start an online petition to stop M. Night Shyamalan from making movies for the rest of this decade?

After Earth



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