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5 Best God of War III Remastered Moments to Replay Again

God of War III Remastered Coming to PS4 on July 14th.

If you owned a PS3, then you must have already played God of War III. I don’t need to go into why it was THE defining game for the console, visually as well as from a gameplay perspective. Now that God of War III remastered is coming out for the PS4, gamers, who missed it on the PS3, will get a new fresh look at the franchise.

With that out of the way, here are 5 Best God of War 3 moments to play when God of War III Remastered comes out for the PS4.

The Battle with Leviathan

What’s special about this battle is that it is the first boss battle of the game, and it gives you a perspective of how huge the game world is and how much bigger it’s going to get. This should look amazing on the PS4!

Kratos Confronts Zeus

While it’s more of a cut scene, still worthy to give you perspective of how massive this game is…and it’s pivotal to how the story unfolds.

Olympus Gardens Puzzle

Hera’s Garden has to be easily one of the most atmospheric levels in any God of War game. I loved the sense of urgency it creates, while there’s actually nothing urgent, and the level of complexity with all the different moving parts is something that’s going to keep you engaged.

Battle with Cronos

If the battle with Leviathan, didn’t give you a sense of how big the game can get, then the battle with Cronos certainly will! You just need to play it to believe it. Every moment in this battle will take your breath away! I can only imagine how EPIC this is going to look on the PS4!

Kratos vs Zeus

The final epic showdown! Kratos vs Zeus! This is one of those battles that leaves you with sense of accomplishment!



You knew there were certainly more than 5 moments didn’t you?

Pandora’s Box + Boss: Hermes

Kratos meets Flash? of his era at least!



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