5 Movie Science Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong!


You can’t screw with science. Not in real life, not in the movies. Apparently that’s what movies with some bad science mojo teaches us. We take a look at 5 movies, where their science experiments went horribly wrong!!

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1. The Fly

What they tried to Do:Human Teleportation
What happened: Human Fly that’s the embodiment of evil and grotesqueness

2. I am Legend

What they tried to Do:Cure for cancer by altering a strain for measles
What happened: 99% of the population die and 1% immune 9% become zombies that can’t stand sunlight

3. Event Horizon

What they tried to Do:Artificial black hole to jump through the space time continuum
What happened: Unleashes a demonic force

4. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

What they tried to Do:Cure Alzheimer
What happened: Proved deadly to humans in the long term, and Increases the intelligence of Chimps on which they were tested

5. Jurassic Park

What they tried to Do:To bring back dinosaurs for a dino theme park
What happened: Dino’s unleashed in today’s modern world.

** BONUS **


What they tried to do: Military computer, designed to remove human error from national defense.
What happened: Machines taking over the world and terminating human beings



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