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5 TV Presidents More Popular Than Obama

What is it about the Presidents portrayed on television that makes them so damn popular? and how much more popular would they be compared to Barack Obama? Well, Reuters did just that, and we give you the 5 TV Presidents more popular than Barack Obama!

#5. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), House of Cards


You got to admit, Kevin Spacey’s Underwood (no pun intended), is pretty ballsy. Morally conflicted as he may seem, he still rates higher than Barack Obama! He rates 57% over Obama, and there’s no wonder why even Obama likes him. In a 2013 photo op, Obama quipped

“He’s getting a lot of things done. I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient. “

Well, you got to hand it to the writers of House of Cards and Kevin Spacey for doing such a great damn job!

#4. Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant (Tony Goldwyn), Scandal


Fitz or President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Thomas Grant III, from Scandal, rates higher than Obama too, and that too with a whooping 60%. The steamy show, filled with sex, scandals and enormous amounts of politicking, has made him so popular. Of course, it’s all fiction, as we’ve seen the reality version of it would never go down well.

#3. Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell), Battlestar Galactica


President Laura Roslin, rates a staggering 78% over Obama! Of course, I mean, how would you compete with a President that deals across the Galaxy. She did just save the the human race from a race of humanoid killer robots. No contest there.

#2. Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen), The West Wing


Not sure if it’s Jed Bartlet or Martin Sheen that everyone loves, and he’s loved by all Democrats and folks in the White House too, because he was rated 82% favorably over Obama! We’re pretty sure it’s Martin Sheen’s acting that did it all. Tough love for Obama!

#1. David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), 24


The Present in the counter terrorism based TV show, 24, played by Dennis Haysbert, has set the standard for what an American President should be like apparently. Rating in an earth-shattering 89% over Obama, President David Palmer, is the way to go when choosing the next President.

While Obama may not be able to hold a candle to any of these TV Presidents, he certainly rates favourbaly overall as per the poll, and isn’t that what matters? Well, now back to the TV Shows!



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