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Kratos on Throne Collectible Statue

Gaming Heads collectibles company has unveiled another high-quality addition to their line of statues: a brooding Kratos figure from God of War.

Dubbed “Kratos on the Throne,” the figure shows Kratos after he became the God of War, following his winning battle against Ares at the end of the original game.

The entire scene is cast in polystone, with intricate, hand-painted detailing. Kratos is depicted at ΒΌ scale, meaning that the entire piece is 29 inches tall to the top of the throne.

Interested buyers will be able to select from two editions of this statue. The first is the Regular Edition, featuring Kratos in his usual garb that fans of the game will recognize. The second is the Exclusive Edition, which depicts Kratos in the full Armor of Ares, finished with gold and metallic paints. Both figures are limited to 1250 units and 500 units, respectively.

Kratos on the Throne pre-orders are now live on the company’s website. The Regular Edition is priced at $480 USD, while the Exclusive Edition is selling for $500 USD.

This comes after the hotly anticipated God of War III Remastered Announcement for the PS4.



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