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5 Video Game Reboots we Need to see

If you think back about the history of video games, right from Pong all the way till Destiny, there have been great franchises that have come and gone. Some of them have been rebooted, although not successfully, and some reboots have been awesome. Given the rich legacy, and history of video games, we put together 5 games we think should be rebooted. We not only delve into which games, but we also give you our perspective of what those games should be like.

Let’s get going:

#5. Dino Crisis

Ok, maybe the whole survival horror genre has reached new heights, and that’s where we think Dino Crisis is perfect and in time for a reboot. I can only imagine, massive dinosaurs, and protagonists with weak weapons trying to survive all that they can.



What they can change:

They need to throw in a bit of co-op play. Co-op in a dinosaur infested land would be perfect.

Will it happen?

Most likely. While there’s ton of Resident Evil games that Capcom is pushing out, and with the hype around Jurrasic World, we think this should happen within the next 2-3 years.

#4. Heretic

Heretic was one of those FPS games, back then, which was a blatant rip off of Doom, but with medevial weapons and spells and what not. The concept was amazing! We’d like to see a modern day version of it, on the next gen consoles, that really explores this concept pretty deep.



What they can change:

Make the game much more dedicated to the medieval times, and throw in spells for good measure. Think of Bioshock with a medieval twist!

Will it happen?

Most likely, no. There’s little to drive this concept today, with all of the future state FPS games that are coming out. We’ll have to wait and see, but we don’t think Heretic will ever see the light of day.

#3. Descent

Descent or maybe even Descent Freespace, both games really rocked the genre of arcade style flight/space simulators back then. Even Terminal Velocity was really well done for it’s time back then, but Descent is one game we’d really like to see happen on the current gen consoles.



What they can change:

Nothing much, just reboot the same with all the visuals of the current gen. Maybe, throw in a more concrete storyline, and multiplayer.

Will it happen?

We do know there’s a Descent reboot in the works on Kickstarter, we’ll need to wait and see how that pans out, but we’re super excited for it!

#2. Streets of Rage

There’s nothing like a good old fighting side scroller, with intense fight sequences and insane beat em up combos! Streets of Rage, really moved a notch up Double Dragon, with it’s colorful characters, and wide array of moves.



What they can change:

Better graphics, better moves, more enemies and insane combos! With the Double Dragon remake doing fairly decently, there’s no reason why they cannot improve on Streets of Rage

Will it happen?

Never say never, we’re really hoping it will – but it most likely wont. We may see a modern day remake of it, like Double Dragon, but not necessarily a reboot

#1. God of War

The God of War reboot is about due. While Kratos was the mainstay, for all of the series, there’s tons of mythology out there, which can reboot the franchise with a ‘new’ God of War. How cool would it be if they rebooted the franchise, and the previous God of War was the main guy you had to beat? Can imagine Kratos being the final villain in the next God of War, while a newly empowered ‘God’ makes his way to the top.


What they can change:

A new character, a new mythology. The Chinese and Indians mythologies have a ton of potential. Something around these areas would be just amazing! Also it needed just be one god, maybe have multiple gods, that you can switch between. Throw in female characters as well, goddesses if you will.


Will it happen?

Probably never. With Kratos firmly seated on the throne for the God of War series, Sony probably won’t want to mess with that franchise.





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