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6 Game Decor Items Every Gamer Must Own

Gamers and home furnishing generally don’t go together. I know my girlfriend would NEVER allow me to decorate the house. She barely lets me live in it. Either way, if you’re a gamer, you’ll know how important it is to surround yourself with really cool gaming decor. Actually, it’s not, but we have to make a case somewhere right?

Having said that, here’s a look at some stunning video game based home decor that every gamer must own! or at least wishes to own, if allowed to!


1. The Video Game Joystick Coat Hanger

Video Game Decor Joystick


Now this is something, I believe that everyone can relate to. You don’t necessarily have to be a gamer to realize that this is a joystick, and it honestly looks tasteful. This is certainly one that any household should have, and gaming homes will love them.

2. The Super Mario Toilet


“Yuck! Who plays games while on the toilet??”, Said no gamer ever.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just doing a few quick rounds of angry birds, or doing a flappy bird run, or maybe flying around in Sky Force, gamers love to be surrounded by gaming decor, and this is very well done. It’s a nice touch to even do in your kid’s bathroom, provided, they’ve been initiated into 8-bit gaming.

3. The PAC MAN Book Shelf


The coolness factor on this is through the roof! It looks awesome, and strategically placed books can also make up for the eye. Would love to see a variant of it, where one shelf, depicting the eye, is painted black. Placing it right next to the TV is a nice touch as well.

4. The Donkey Kong TV Stand


gamer-decor-kongThis is amazing. The Donkey Kong game is easily one of the most recognized game of all time, and the TV shelf set up well done, along with adding a nice 8-bit touch to it. Gamers are sure to look at this with a nostalgic touch, and those not into the gaming scene, will think you picked it up in the flea market! Either way, it’s cool, and it’s well depicted.

5. Mario Brothers Fish Tank


Mind blowing…that’s all there is to say about this. It’s so well done, and so well detailed, I’m pretty sure it’s a custom job, and it’s a job excellently done.

6.Tetris Light Up Stack Lamp



This is perhaps the coolest one to own. While it references itself to ‘Tetris’, it’s a a great way to get your bedside lighting going, and the way it lights up when stacked correctly, it just amazing.



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