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7 TV Shows to Look Forward to in 2014

While others are busy with their resolutions list this New Year’s, TV buffs like us are busy making a completely different list – the list of upcoming TV shows! And this is one list we plan to stick to with undying love and fervent passion.

Here is a sneak peek into the TV shows that we are desperately looking forward to:

How I Met Your Dad

How I met your dad
We all know how Ted met his lady – now get ready for the Spin off Series from the other side – How I Met Your Dad

Air Date: Late 2014

A spin-off from the hit series How I Met Your Mother, How I Met Your Dad is going to show you the other side of the coin this fall of 2014. With a set of new characters, this show is going to tell you the story from Ted Mosby’s wife’s side. Not sure how well it will do but it is definitely worth one look. Are we dying to watch it? Hmmm maybe no but let’s just wait and watch a couple of episodes before we pass a verdict.

True Detective

True Detective
From what we’ve seen so far…this is possibly the BEST series of the year!

Air Date: Jan 12th 2014

When two great actors (Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson), one mind-blowing tagline (‘Man is the cruelest animal’), an intriguing storyline where two detectives are trying to track down a serial killer over a span of seventeen years and an IMDB rating of 9.4 come together, one can’t help but get pulled in into this new crime, drama TV show. We are definitely hooked – what about you?



Air Date: 7th Jan 2014

It is time for some sci-fi action! One of the new upcoming shows that caught our eye is Intelligence – a man gets a microchip in his brain (don’t we all want that!) who can hack into anything plus he is a rebel and of course there is a hush-hush government security agency. We are just lapping it all up baby! Bring us Mission Impossible and the likes anytime!



Hard to turn away from this, we'll need to wait and watch if Believe will be the next big thing
Hard to turn away from this, we’ll need to wait and watch if Believe will be the next big thing

Air Date: March 10th 2014

A young girl with powers. Evil trying to hunt her. An ex-convict hired to protect her. The girl and her guardian form an unlikely friendship at the same time fighting evil. There is drama, there is fantasy and there are those awww moments. Excitement is getting the better of us!


The Spoils of Babylon

The star studded cast has us hooked! Can't wait to see how this turns out!
The star studded cast has us hooked! Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Air Date: 9th Jan 2014

Do you love big hair? Do you love drama and over-drama? Then ‘The Spoils of Babylon’ is the show for you. A funny take on the series of yesteryear, this has all the big names – Tobey Maguire, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Jessica Alba, Haley Joel Osment (you know the kid from sixth sense) and many more. Phew! That is quite an extensive list – this show has some serious potential to please the serious serial watchers. So if you are one, then don’t miss out on it.



Old formula, new twist!
Old formula, new twist!

Air Date: 19th Jan 2014

This is a story of a bunch of friends struggling with their love-lives, career and other things that life throws at them. So what’s different? This time it is about a group of gay friends portraying their daily life in a unique, funny and a different way.


Penny Dreadful

This is one that we're very excited for! If ShowTime is venturing into horror, you know you can't miss it!
This is one that we’re very excited for! If ShowTime is venturing into horror, you know you can’t miss it!

Air Date: 11 May 2014

The best part of TV shows is variety! We can experience so many worlds and so many genres within the comforts of our home – so far we have got suspense, drama, thriller, comedy, fantasy etc. So, now is the time for some horror. Not recommended for the faint-hearted soul. Dracula, Frankenstein and many other famous horrifying creatures come together to form one spine-chilling, nerve-wrecking and hair-raising story. We are expecting a lot of sleepless nights this year! Be afraid…be very…afraid.


And as we make way for the new series, lets bid farewell to the old ones that are ending this season; shows that have entertained us for years (some for weeks) – How I met Your Mother, Californication, True blood, Back in the Game, Ironside and some more. We are going to miss you, but it is time to move on so move away old shows and give way to new exciting ones!



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