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Alien: Covenant Official Trailer

When Prometheus was released, it divided fans like no other movie has thus far. The Alien prequel, though incredibly made, left more questions than answers, and then had answers to questions that no one was asking. While I loved the movie, I can totally see where fans are coming from.

Hence, enter Alien: Covenant. Technically this is the 6th film in the Alien franchise, and from the trailer, it looks incredible! Alien: Covenant may pick up a few of Prometheus‘ more successful plot threads, but the time jump and the almost entirely new cast suggest that this is something of a soft reboot, something that everyone who skipped the previous film or forgot about entirely can jump into without any issues. While Michael Fassbender‘s morally ambiguous android David is back, the crew of the colony ship Covenant are newcomers to the series, with Katherine Waterston, Danny McBrideDemián Bichir, Billy CrudupAmy Seimetz, and apparently James Franco all lining up for the Xenomorph slaughter. Fassbender pulls double duty in the film, also playing a second android named Walter.

Ridley Scott’s original 1979 Alien remains one of my favorite movies of all time and he’s coming to this film right after making The Martian, his best film in years and one of 2015’s best movies.

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Alien: Covenant opens on May 19, 2017.





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