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God Of War Reboot Reaches ‘Very Exciting Milestone’ Says Devs

Sony announced a new God of War for PlayStation 4 during E3 2016 press conference this past summer, but there have not been much updates about it ever since.

Although the fact that another God of War game would be coming to PlayStation console is certainly no shock, what is shocking is that it is a completely new take on the series.

The developers have given a promising update on the game’s progress. Cory Barlog, the Game’s director, gave an update on the progress recently when he confirmed that the team has completed the first full play through of the game with the leads. “Very exciting milestone for us,” Barlog says according to Gameranx.

This simply means that a rough draft version of the game is completed, although there is still a considerable amount of work to be done before it is ready for release. Barlog did not give any specific update with regards to the games release date, but it is safe to say that much more news will be coming in the new year, according to Attack of the fanboy.

When Barlog announced that the new game would not be featured at PlayStation Experience, he promised that the wait for new footage will be worth it. “I promise we will be showing something really awesome when it is ready,” He said.

The new “God of War” is set after the events of the third game, and it will not feature an open world, although director Barlog says it was open. The game will not feature any multiplayer and will also not feature T.C. Carson, the original Kratos voice actor. The role will be passed to Stargate SG-1 actor Christopher Judge.

However, the developers of the game have previously said that the game will likely not have a demo prior to launch, thereby squashing all hopes of being able to play the game early.

According to reports, the reason for not releasing a demo is because a demo will take an additional time to develop, which will add more work to the developers and thus delay the release of the game. There is no official release date for the new “God of War” game.



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