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Bioshock 2 will release on all platforms at the same time

After BioShock’s staggered arrival on all platforms, its such a relief to know that 2k will be releasing Bioshock 2 at the same time on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC! The latest buzz in the news direct from 2k is “We’re aiming for simultaneous release on all platforms (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC),”.

If you don’t know the plot already, Bioshock 2 takes places 10 years after the first game. Rapture has sunk deeper into the depths of the ocean or depths of despair if you’d like. What will happen then? Guess we’ll have to wait for more news on that.

Oh and Bioshock 2, will be called just that..Bioshock 2. The “sea of dreams’ thingy has been knocked off. Yeah.. i’m glad they knocked it off.




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