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GameDruid’s Top 10 Christmas Movies

It’s that time of the year. Are you feeling festive yet? If not, we have the list of movie recommendation to watch during the holidays before your regular shows are back on the tube.


10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

A good light hearted musical (in stop motion animation) that shares the view of “Christmas” from the perspective of the king of “Halloween”.  A must watch and perfect for this weekend.

 resized-10. Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Poster

09. Jingle All The Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger in this movie was probably at his best (i.e. apart from playing an action hero). I can’t imagine this movie with someone else playing the lead. He plays it perfectly: the not forgetful Dad who will go to all lengths to get his son the toy he wished for Christmas.

 resized-09. Jingle All The Way movie poster

08. Polar Express

When the movie was released, the hype – apart from having the start of the technology in animation, the movie was first mainstream film to be simultaneously released as a 3D IMAX. This movie tells the story of a doubting boy who takes a train journey to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus’ home. Excellent voice over by Tom Hanks, who covers many characters.

resized-08.The Polar Express-2004

07. Love Actually

A romantic comedy perfected for the season. The movie is based a month before Christmas, revolving around the lives of very different 8 couples and how it all ties up at the end. Of the movies of such storylines (where it all ties in at the end), this is definitely one of the best – surprising you with nearly all the story lines within.

resized-07. Love-Actually-movie-poster

06. Serendipity

A movie based in the Manhattan at Christmas: ingredients to a winning recipe. A good performance by Kate Beckinsale & John Cusack. A good movie to begin with to ease yourself into the festive season. The story is of two strangers meeting on the eve of Christmas. While they were shopping for their respective lovers, they ended up having a romantic evening. While in a dilemma to take things ahead or not, they decide to test fate by parting ways – only to see if destiny would bring them back.


05. Scrooged

A list is never complete without a movie involving the Ghosts of Christmas. Bill Murray plays a self TV exec who is visited on the eve of Christmas by these Ghosts, to show him the error in his ways. This is a great adaptation of classic novel: A Christmas Carol that will have you laughing from right at the start and leave with you the Christmas message at the end.

resized-05. Scrooged Movie poster

04. It’s a Wonderful Life

A frustrated man is shown by an angel of Christmas what his life would have been like if he didn’t exist. It’s her attempt to make him realise his own importance and not commit suicide. This is a movie that you will watch over and over again. It will leave you inspired every time!

resized-04. Its a Wonderful Life Movie Poster-2


03. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

My favourite of the Chevy Chase “Vacation Movies”. This shows us how even the most planned family reunions can turn into a catastrophe. Considering the reunions we have this week, this is definitely something we all can completely relate to.  Sit back, relax and laugh your head off.

resized-03. Christmas Vacation (1989) movie poster

02. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Guess John Hughes had a bigger part in the movies of my childhood than I realised. This is one of the movies, I’ve seen the most number of times while growing up (excluding Ferris Bueller’s Day off). It used to air on TV every year during Christmas and it was almost like a tradition to watch it at my Grandparents place.


01. Die Hard

This is the perfect Christmas movie and no list is complete without it. The only problem is, it never stops with the first part. Bruce Willis will always be best as John McClane. note: we are all completely ignoring Die Hard part 5 here. It did not happen. Jedi mind trick. Watching John McClane taken on the terrorists by himself.

 “Yippee-ki-yay, m***********”

resized-01. Die Hard movie poster



Honourable mentions:

While the following are not in the pick of our top 10, these are worth watching as well 🙂 🙂 🙂


About Boy


Bad Santa

resized-HM.Bad Santa

The Long Kiss Goodnight




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