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Take complete control…with just 1 remote!

Once upon a time I thought it was very cool to have 5-6 remotes laying around the table. It probably showed that you had SO many cool devices!! We had remotes for VCRs, VCD players, DVD players, Hi-Fi decks, Gaming consoles and guess what? Before you knew it, you were sitting on your couch and fumbling around with what remote turns on what device!! If you had all of them the same brand, you were liable to be even more confused!! I can tell you the number of times my mom’s had a fit over pressing a button and some weird thing gets turned on. Well I’ve seen a lot of all in one remotes, but they don’t get the job done very well – they’ve been aound for over a decade now…but now comes along a revolutionaly product which will solve all that!

my crazy remotes!Enter the Yamaha neoHD remote! The all in one solution with a neat on screen interface to give you complete control! It great having one single remote…think of the time you’ll save, the frustration you’ll avoid, not to mention the number of batteries!!
Which over model you choose – the Media controller, the WiFi Media controller or the 2.1 system, you will not be disappointed and freedom is all yours! Now for the best part – you can win your very own Yamaha neoHDsystem just by entering the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes !! Its so simple! All you need to do is either of the two:
1.    Tweeting: “I just entered to win a #neoHD b/c I have too many remotes, visit (
2.    Or just go to

So here’s an amazing chance for you to win!! Why don’t you also leave a comment on why you want you want and let me know if you’re entering the contest!! Also look up Yamaha neoHD on facebook!
See you in the contest..hope you win!!





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