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Jamie Foxx Could Play Spawn in Movie Reboot

Did you know that Spawn is probably one of the fastest characters to jump from comic to big screen? yep! The comic was launched in 1992 and it had it’s big screen adaptation in 1997!


After all these years, it would be amazing to see a reboot with modern day superhero cinema magic. As far as Jamie Foxx is concerned; can’t say I’m too thrilled or dissapointed. Sure he’s a great actor and all; and this isn’t the first time he’s expressed interest in this movie. Back in 2013, the actor expressed interest in playing Al Simmons, and five years later, it’s being reported that Foxx has been offered the role, which was previously played by Michael Jai White. However, Foxx hasn’t signed on to the Spawn reboot yet, and his involvement may hinder on how quickly the project moves forward.

Let’s see where this lands. I’m excited for the reboot, with our without Jamie Foxx.



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