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Logitech + PS3 Harmony Remote Adaptor = Good Lazy Times!!

The Logictech PS3 Harmony remote adaptor
The Logictech PS3 Harmony remote adaptor

Now’s a great change to get super lazy and in harmony too. Ok that was lame…but if you’re sick of your PlayStation 3 being the odd appliance out in your swanky home theater setup, take heart. Logitech has revealed that they intend to release an adapter for the PlayStation 3 that’ll allow the system to become compatible with their Harmony line of programmable universal remotes.

Using the adapter, the PS3 will act like any other compatible device with any Harmony remote, allowing you to control Blu-ray and DVD movie playback, and power the console on and off along with all your other compatible components, like a television and audio receiver.

Exact details of the adapter are scarce, although the blog post does mention it’ll be wireless, as it won’t require the use of “any of your valuable USB ports.” It also promises pricing and availability information will be released “very soon,” so we’ll keep our eyes peeled.




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