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Mark Wahlberg’s 10 Best Movies

Mark Wahlberg, who turns 44 today, has traveled a long road to become the Academy Award-nominated actor and accomplished television and film producer that we know him as now.

While we are impressed by his dramatic turns in films such as The Departed and The Fighter (for which he earned his two Oscar nominations), we also highly appreciate his comedic talents, which he has showcased in Date Night, The Other Guys, Ted, and the upcoming Ted 2. And without him, we wouldn’t have had Entourage, which he produced and was loosely based on his experiences during his Hollywood career (he makes a memorable cameo in the show’s new film, which hit theaters this week).

With that said, we bring you 10 best of Mark Wahlberg’s Movies. Let’s get started.

#10. Ted


A comedy about a talking teddy bear who grows up to be a foul-mouthed pothead, from the man who gave us Family Guy; Ted proved, sophomoric and scatological humor can be mighty effective when they’re used by the right cast in service of a sufficiently funny story, and while this may have been yet another variation on the “eternal manchild” comedy we’ve been watching for years. With that said, we can’t wait for Ted 2

#9. Invincible

Based on the legend Vince Papale, Wahlberg’s performance which convincingly showcase his ability to ‘win-against-the-odds’ style of acting was a smash hit.

#8. The Italian Job


What’s there to be said about this movie? The Italian Job put Wahlberg in the middle of a double-crossing, gold-thieving band of criminals that included Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Mos Def, and Seth Green; and it offered undemanding action thrills and spills. A must watch.

#7. Lone Survivor

An off-beat commercial war movie based on Luttrell’s time in Afghanistan, and it provides audiences harrowing action sequences and generally persuasive performances. It never lets the sick tension that holds the movie together let up even for a second, and you won’t be dissapointed with Wahlberg’s performance too.

#6. Traveler

This may not be one of his better known movies, but as far as truly entertaining stories about con men go, this one is right up there with a very different twist to the tale. Traveller reversed the formula, examining the knotty feuds and traditions of a tight-knit clan of small-time North Carolina con artists, and the movie never tells the audience what is more than necessary, leaving a lot to the imagination…until the very end.

#5. The Other Guys

This was one of the more serious yet funny movies from Wahlberg. With the likes of Will Farrel, Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L Jackson in the fray, it’s a fun ride, which lasts and stays on with you much after the movie is over.

#4. The Fighter

Teaming up with Christian Bale, The Fighter is one of those movies which takes you through the trails and tribulations of what it takes to be a champion against all odds.

#3. Boogie Nights

Boogie nights

This is one of the movies that defined the 90’s and also kick started off his career as a serious actor. Especially Wahlberg, who took a character that could have been a cheesy joke and imbued him with palpable emotion.

#2. The Departed

A remake of Internal Affairs, The Departed really kicks it up a notch by keeping you in suspense all the way to the end. You never know who was going to double cross whom and when. The ending just serves up some real justice, and not to mention Wahlberg taking away most of the glory.

#1. Three Kings

3 kings

Anyone who wonders why audiences refuse to see movies about the wars raging in the Middle East would do well to study the example set by David O. Russell, who waited eight years before making the Gulf War picture Three Kings — and even then, the conflict served mainly as grist for a heist storyline involving a trio of U.S. Army Reservists (George Clooney, Ice Cube, and Wahlberg) making plans to steal plundered Kuwaiti gold. Widely recognized as a sharp, stylish satire today, Kings wasn’t a huge commercial success during its initial theatrical run, but it earned instant admiration from critics like Sean Means of, who called it “Possibly the best wartime comedy since Robert Altman’s M*A*S*H.


There you have it folks, our best 10 Mark Wahlberg Movies! Let us know what you think!



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