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Top 5 Morgan Freeman Movies Ever!

On June 1st, Morgan Freeman turned 77 and in that honor, we’ve put together a set of 5 Morgan Freeman movies you cannot afford to miss. Now, some of these movies are clubbed together, especially series, but the rest of them are stand alone ones. Let’s get started:

#5. Nolan’s Batman Trilogy


Now, we know this isn’t a Morgan Freeman starrer itself, and features the likes of Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Heath Ledger etc.; but Freeman’s role in these movies is so pivotal to the plot, he does a great job as Lucius Fox to help put the Dark Knight on the map.

#4. Driving Miss Daisy


The movie revolves around an old Jewish woman and her African-American chauffeur. The movie explores how their relationship grows and improves over the years and it’s a touching tale of living everyday out with subtle changes as they happen.

#3. Se7en

Thriller poster

A gripping tale of running through the 7 deadly sins in the mind of a serial killer who justifies his M.O by taking two homicide detectives through the 7 sins. It’s easily one of Freeman’s best performances, as he plays the role to perfection in the most nonchalant manner.

#2. Million Dollar Baby


Ok, hear me out – You got to love Morgan Freeman in this movie, just because, he plays, well almost, plays himself. When the narration kicks off

Only ever met one man I wouldn’t wanna fight. When I met him he was already the best cut man in the business. Started training and managing in the sixties, but never lost his gift.

You know you’re in for a solid movie.

#1. Shawshank Redemption


This is one movie that you cannot afford to miss and you’ll be blown away by Morgan Freeman’s acting in the movie. There’s a lot said about the Shwashank Redemption all over the internet already, but trust us, when you hear Freeman’s narration as Red, you’ll sink into a hypnotic state and just stay enthralled through the movie.



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