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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Gameplay Trailer

Capcom gave fighting game fans their first look at the new Marvel vs. Capcom fighting game after the conclusion of tonight’s Capcom Cup tournament. Debut footage of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, which is coming to PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One next year, shows fighters from both the Marvel and Capcom camps duking it out using the power of the cosmic Infinity Stones. That’s what the ‘infinite’ apparently refers to.

The gameplay looks rather sober to me…not as chaotic as Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – but maybe it’s because it’s just 2 on 2, vs. the regular 3 on 3 affair. The gameplay features, Iron Man and Captain Marvel, taking on Ryu and Megaman.

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Expect the roster to be highly influenced by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which could also mean, that we may not see Wolverine or any of the X-Men in this. But I hope that isn’t the case, and we get a balanced roster which great additions from both Universes.



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