Overwatch teases big announcement for 11th April 2017


While the fans of Overwatch was picking this part at the bone, there’s a pretty huge announcement slated for 11th April. Exactly a week from, today.

There are 2 key things to observe:


  • Tracer skin: in the middle of the video, you can see a hologram of Tracer doing a full 360, but something is off. She’s wearing a new suit with a helmet, though you really can’t see much of it.
  • Ability icons: At the top left, you can see ability icons in Overwatch: Ice Wall, Crossfade, Configuration and a few more.


We’re currently not sure, if it’s a new character, a new event or what it could be. Either way, it looks pretty exciting, and has everything a great teaser should have. I’m going to go into some corner, while my mind slowly loses itself.

#overwatch #teaser



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