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Rambo coming to consoles & PC (also what we think the rambo game should be like)

Yes, folks the game is certainly real and since then, even the official site is now up and running:

Watch the game teaser trailer here:


Here’s what we think the game will be like:

1. Given Rambo is a Green Beret – you know it will dabble in stealth, slient weapons and user of lethal force. So expect some splinter cell type of action here

2. Rambo will have a deep hand to hand combat system. Hand to Hand combat was a fairly essential part of the movies, so expect that to be there

3. You will get to blow up tanks and choppers with a bow and arrow. Ok this is more of a tongue in cheek comment, but the reality is that you’ll have plenty of kick ass bow n arrow action.

4. It will probably be a 3rd person game – cuz you gotta see Rambo’s back all the time.

5. Most missions will be time bound – but will require lots of patience. (see what i did there?)

6. You will get to ride awesome vehicles!

7. There will be no damsels in distress

8. The physics should not be ultra realistic. I would like to make it a Splinter Cellย  meets Uncharted meets SOCOM 4 meets Starhawk. (you get my drift?)

9. The game will also include a lot of you being chased around.

10. Expect DLCs.

There you have it folks – on what we think the new Rambo game will be like!

My first memory of the Rambo game was on my ZX Spectrum. Here’s what it was like ๐Ÿ™‚




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