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JGL Signs as Producer of Sandman Movie & GameDruid’s Pick on Death

We had earlier mentioned that David S. Goyer & Joseph Gordon-Levitt were attached to the project that was bringing the graphic novel to the big screen. This is news that is bringing it one step closer – JGL has signed on as the Producer on the movie. He has confirmed on his twitter account on the same:



Though he hasn’t clarified what are his other attachments to this movie, what has not been ruled out is his whether he may have a lead / supporting role – we are hoping its supporting role – something like the voice of Michael, the raven. Or maybe will co-write the script with Goyer. While no writer has been hired yet, we know Neil Gaiman is working with the duo. JGL’s twitter status confirms the same 🙂 🙂 🙂


Yup. That’s when I started following him on Twitter.

Gaiman had expressed that he would like Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m wondering if anyone’s thinking Johnny Depp. Before you write me off, think about his early performances – in particular, Edward Scissorhands. Who would you want to see play the role of the Dream King? Tweet about it using the hashtag #sandmanexpectations

Though my real question to all is: who would play Death? Here are my scribbled thoughts…

Sasha Grey
She did a role in a few episodes of Entourage season 7, decent acting skills from what I remember. The reason I have associated her with Death is because I recall seeing a picture of her dressed as Death in a magazine and that blew my mind. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to locate that picture online.

 Sasha Grey

Ashley Greene
Having earned her name in the Twilight movies and few other movies in the pipeline, she is still yet to showcase her talents. Definitely want to keep her in the shortlist.


Olivia Munn
Have you seen Newsroom? Enough said.


Shannyn Sossamon
You might remember her from the movie with Heath Ledger – A Knight’s Tale.She has the perfect body to play Death. Good acting skills as well (that’s always a plus)

Shannyn Sossamon

However, my favourite would be:

Olga Kurylenko

She would be able to pull off a great version of Death, as she could portray the character (much like in the comics) of having wisdom and guiding Dream while looking drop dead gorgeous.






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