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Sony considering PS4 & PS Vita bundle

SCEE president and CEO Jim Ryan says they’re considered bundling the PS4 and Vita together.

In an excerpt with Edge online – Here’s what he had to say.

“Sure, I mean it’s the sort of thing we’re discussing. Now I’m not saying we’re going to do it, but one of the things I was pleased about yesterday is that we had the chance to really properly explain and demonstrate Remote Play. It was touched on at the New York event and it was touched upon at E3 but there was so much other stuff going on that it didn’t really get the time that I think it warranted. When I was crafting the script I made a real effort to carefully explain it with my little analogy of how it might all happen at home.

People have been intrigued by this, and there’s going to be a great deal of crossover between potential Vita owners and PS4 owners and we’re going to spent a lot of time reflecting on feedback. Clearly, finding ways for consumers to access both devices is a logical thing to do. Whether you put them together in a bundle, that’s one way of doing it – you might get a bit of a problem with the price, but there are a variety of ways and means to do that but it’s definitely something we’re talking about.”

Logically, this seems like a great move by Sony, and we believe that the next gen wars will not just be waged on graphics and gameplay, but overall connectivity and extensions and mobility.



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