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Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer and Ragnarok Lore

Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer is finally out, and it’s campy, retro and glorious!! Especially with Led Zeppelin playing in the background!

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Thor: Ragnarok will see the return of Chris Hemsworth as the titular character, and Mark Ruffalo will reprise his role as Bruce Banner/Hulk. Tom Hiddleston is back as Loki, and will be joined by Cate Blanchett, playing the evil Hela. Jeff Goldblum makes his Marvel Cinematic debut as Grandmaster, one of the Elders, and Benedict Cumberbatch will make an appearance as Doctor Strange.

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on Nov. 3.

For those wondering what Ragnarok means – Ragnarok (Old Norse Ragnarök, “The Doom of the Gods”) is the name the pre-Christian Norse gave to the end of their mythical cycle, during which the cosmos is destroyed and is subsequently re-created.

There’s a lot of exciting stuff to unpack, even in these short two minutes, from seeing Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) don their iconic comic book helms, to finally getting our first proper look at Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) Hulking out #PlanetHulk style. And we have to say, we’re digging the Short Hair Thor-cut.

But perhaps the most incredible part of the trailer was seeing Cate Blanchett fully realized as #Hela, the MCU’s goddess of death. We’d previously heard reports that Hela would be able to wield #Mjolnir, a feat few characters in the Marvel Universe are able to achieve. But the trailer revealed that she can’t just stop the unstoppable hammer in mid-air, she also has the power to destroy the uru-forged weapon. And with a smirk, she does just that.

According to Marvel lore, Hela is actually the daughter of Loki! Whaaat?! That’s right. That makes Thor her uncle. She’s the Goddess of Hel. No, not Hell, but Hel. Hel is a region of and on Niffleheim.Hel is not at all a bad place, parts of it are an afterlife paradise while other parts are seen as dark and gloomy. Hel is not a place of punishment, but simply a resting place for the normal dead people. It will be interesting to see how Hel is portrayed in the movie.

Now where the movie is at cross roads is that it features the Ragnarok storyline, but also features the Planet hulk storyline. This is a little confusing for followers of the comics, because, the Ragnarok storyline as told in the comics, sees all of them die and the Avengers disbanded. But they already did that in Civil War. So where this is going to end up is anyone’s guess.

But one thing we can be sure of is on November 3rd, the movie opens and we can’t wait to see it!



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