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Wolverine Sequel Announced

Great news for all the Wolverine fans: the sequel to the 2013 Wolverine movie has been announced. The story will continue after the events from the 2014 X-Men movie: Days of Future Past. The sequel will re-unite Hugh Jackman & James Mangold director of The Wolverine. Though a release date or storyline has not yet confirmed, fans have begun the speculation. Did you know that The Wolverine is the second-most-successful X-Men film at the box office. The first place belongs to X-Men: The Last Stand. In interview earlier during the year, Hugh Jackman has hinted that he may have outgrown the character and possibly not return to play the part. Looks like they have struck a good deal.

For those who have missed the flick at the theaters, fear not. This movie is packed with extras on Blu Ray. This is the first X-Men movie to have an extended version for Blu Ray.

Watch the trailer here:



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