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The list of comics making to it movies only grows larger every year. Sandman is joining the club or at least rumored to be. Warner has been discussing this since the early 90s, when the comics made it big to the stands. However, the idea had never turned to reality for various reasons. Most speculated one is that the movie may not be commercially viable as to make, since it would not be made for general audience, i.e. with the mature theme, the movie cannot be made as PG-13. If it was, will it actually do justice to the comic? The latest rumor on Sandman the movie, has writer David Goyer & Joseph Grodan-Levitt attached to the project. It is said that Goyer is pitching to the Warner Bros. studio on an adaptation of the comic book.

A thought: As great as it would be to watch this make it to the big screen, I have a few reservations. For a project such as this, there is no middle ground. It would either do phenomenally well or catastrophically terrible. The Dream King must be translated to film precisely. Probably not the right comparison, but take a look at Dilbert. Simple, entertaining comic strip. Made it to the cartoons – hated it. And all they got wrong was the voice of the characters. Also, they attempted to have longer stories; well they had to since it wasn’t a daily 3-panel comic strip. Now imagine the complication with the Sandman. There is no action war / fight sequences that they can attempt to fill it up with. Sometimes that too can go awfully wrong (refer: Man of Steel movie). They will attempt to sum up everything for one movie – for the return on the studio’s investment. Gaiman took 75-issues to tell the perfect tale of an Endless & now he’s back to give us a little bit more with Sandman: Overture.

DC had organized a press event for the 25th anniversary of the original comic as well as for the launch of the prequel Sandman: Overture Special Editoin (scheduled for release on November 27th) at their NY office last week. During this event, Gaiman spoke on the possibility of Sandman as a movie & TV show & his preference on the actors he had in mind:

And [a TV adaptation] would be cool too. I would absolutely watch the HBO “Sandman.” On the other hand, I would happily watch Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch as the Dream Lord in the movie. Or somebody else, who’s yet to graduate — as long as they’ve got good cheekbones!

To read the entire recap of the event, head over to CBR & see what’s in store for Sandman: Overture.



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