The Wonder Woman Trailer Looks Fantastic!


Wonder Woman( #WonderWomanMovie)  has officially shot up on my “Most Anticipated Movie List”…and there are tons of compelling reasons for it. Ok, so trailers don’t guarantee a solid movie, but Patty Jenkins’ upcoming entry into comic book cinema is going to be brilliant. At least, there’s a lot riding on it.

The first full trailer for DC’s Wonder Woman has dropped out of Comic Con, and I for one, am not just excited about this movie, but it could very well the start of other women super hero movies – Black Widow, Spider-Girl(?), Super Girl, etc. Of course, these characters aren’t as iconic as Wonder Woman, but the fact that a female led super hero movie is looking this good…I can hardly wait! I was already on board for her solo adventure after seeing Wonder Woman become the best part of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  — her look, her attitude, her music stinger — and this first trailer has me more excited than I’ve ever been for a superhero origin film.

If Jenkins delivers a movie even half as good as the trailer below suggests then Wonder Woman may just end up being one of the best and most entertaining superhero films yet — DC or Marvel.




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