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‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ song revoked from Academy Awards

The Academy has decided to revoke one of its recently announced nominations after it decided musician Bruce Boughton had an unfair advantage over fellow Best Original Song contenders.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has revoked a nomination in the best original song category for “Alone Yet Not Alone,” after the songwriter violated Oscar rules and emailed voters about submitting the song for consideration.

Musician Bruce Broughton, a former Academy governor and executive committee member in its music branch, composed the title song from the independent Christian faith movie “Alone Yet Not Alone.”

The Academy said on Wednesday that Broughton had used his position within the organization to contact voters about his own submission of the song, which was “inconsistent” with the Academy’s rules on Oscar nominations campaigning.

Here’s a complete list of all the nominees and our choices.




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