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F1 24 Review

A Deep Dive into Codemasters’ Latest Formula One Installment


Codemasters’ F1 series has been a staple for racing enthusiasts for years, delivering realistic and immersive experiences that capture the essence of Formula One. With F1 24, the developers aim to refine and enhance the formula established by its predecessors. While F1 24 introduces some notable improvements and features, it also grapples with several issues that could impact its appeal to both newcomers and veteran players.


F1 24 builds on the core mechanics of its predecessors, offering a blend of simulation and accessibility. The handling model has seen updates, most notably with the introduction of EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling, which aims to provide a more responsive and realistic driving experience. This new system has received mixed feedback, with some players finding it a step forward, while others feel it introduces a level of unpredictability that can be frustrating, especially in competitive scenarios​.

The Career Mode, a long-standing favorite among fans, has received a substantial overhaul. The mode now emphasizes the player’s reputation within their team and against rivals. This dynamic adds depth to the career progression, as players must balance performance on the track with their standing within the team. However, the new mechanics, such as secret meetings with other teams and the sliding reputation bar, have been critiqued for their implementation. Some players find these features engaging, while others see them as underwhelming and repetitive​.

F1 24 also brings back the F1 World mode, allowing players to complete events and series to earn points for car upgrades. However, the novelty of this mode has worn off for some, and the rewards can feel underwhelming, detracting from the overall experience​.

Gameplay Rating: 7/10


Visually, F1 24 continues to impress. The game runs smoothly even on older hardware, thanks to its well-optimized engine. Players can enjoy high-quality graphics with detailed car models and realistic environments. However, some players have noted occasional stuttering on specific tracks, indicating potential areas for further optimization​. The overall graphical fidelity is high, maintaining the series’ reputation for delivering visually stunning racing experiences​.

Graphics Rating: 8/10

Sound and Music

The audio design in F1 24 is another area where the game excels. The sound of the engines, the ambient noise of the tracks, and the commentary all contribute to an immersive experience. The real Sky Sports commentator, David Croft, returns with well-voiced lines that add authenticity to the game’s presentation. However, there are minor issues, such as repetitive or out-of-context comments, that can occasionally break the immersion​.

Sound and Music Rating: 8/10


While F1 24 is primarily a racing simulation, the Career Mode’s enhanced storyline elements add a layer of narrative to the game. The focus on the player’s reputation, rivalries, and team dynamics creates a more engaging experience. However, the execution of these elements has been met with mixed reactions. The secret meetings and reputation mechanics, while intended to add depth, often feel repetitive and underwhelming. The storyline elements are a welcome addition but could benefit from more variety and depth​.

Storyline Rating: 6/10

Overall Summary

F1 24 is a solid entry in Codemasters’ Formula One series, bringing several new features and improvements to the table. The Dynamic Handling system and Career Mode overhaul are noteworthy additions that offer fresh experiences for players. However, the game also stumbles in areas like the execution of new mechanics and the handling of progression systems.

For newcomers to the series, F1 24 provides a robust and accessible starting point. For long-time fans, the decision to upgrade from F1 23 will depend on how much value they place on the new features and improvements. While F1 24 is not a revolutionary leap forward, it remains a polished and enjoyable racing simulation that captures the thrill of Formula One​​.

In conclusion, F1 24 offers a mixed bag of enhancements and familiar frustrations. It is a commendable effort by Codemasters, but one that might leave some players wishing for a more substantial evolution of the franchise. Whether you’re a casual racer or a hardcore F1 fan, F1 24 delivers enough excitement and challenge to keep you engaged, even if it occasionally falls short of its full potential.

Overall Rating: 7/10



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