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Gamedruid’s Top 10 Action, Sci-Fi and Comic Book Movies of 2015

Fans of the Action, Sci-fi and Comic book movies genre, have had a fantastic year! There were some great movies released and it was a tough choice to pick out the top 10 movies. Let’s get into the list of movies that were not so great first.  For me, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 was a big let down. There are lots of folks who think otherwise, but it honestly didn’t have as big an impact as I imagined. The other 3 big movies that dissapointed me were Terminator Genisys, Jupiter Ascending and the new Fantastic Four movie.  With that said, let’s get into our top 10:

#10. Kingsman: The Secret Service


I loved the fact that the overall silliness of spy moves was brought out so well in this unassuming and unapologetic action extravaganza! Clearly, Colin Firth has made his mark in this movie along with Sam L Jackson. Easily one of the most entertaining action movies of the year. Some call it overrated, but I believe it’s one of the better overrated ones and deserves it’s spot right here.

#9. Jurassic World


The revival of the franchise, is what I call this one – granted, it was over the top, and not everything was paraded in good light across the social channels. BUT, given the fact that they were able to bring this out of the doldrums and do a heck of a job, makes it all worth it. More than the dinos, Chris Pratt’s “tough guy” really caught me off guard! However, the overall Dino madness and carnage let me smiling ear to ear.

#8. Ant-Man


Like Iron-Man when it first came out, I really enjoyed this movie. It exceeded my expectations in every way possible, took a fresh new spin on the genre and I believe is a great overall story or backstory to bring in the character to the MCU. Paul Rudd’s portrayal of the tiny hero was spot on and I cannot wait to see him suit up with Captain America in Civil War!

#7. Avengers: Age of Ultron


A lot can be said about Avengers: Age of Ultron not being on this list – but I truly believe, it was a much better movie than people gave it a bad rap for. Granted it wasn’t as good as the first one, but it was in no way a bad movie. It was infact one of the better action/comic book movies to grace the screen, and it delivers with aplomb on all fronts!

#6. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


Many people were just excited to see the duo of Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie deliver another dark, tense and stylish action flick. The movie had everything you’d expect from a top notch action movie, and then when you throw in Rebbecca Ferguson for good measure, you know the formula just worked out!

#5. Inside Out


This movie will tug at your heart strings! When Pixar decides to explore the mind of a 11 year old girl, you’re taken on a journey of fun, emotions, and insane adventure that will have you go through the entire spectrum of emotions in 1 movie. The animation is amazingly done and I don’t believe I’ve experienced a movie like this from Pixar for a long long time!

#4. Ex Machina


It’s just a story of four characters in a secluded location, shot on an obviously small budget. But deep inside of it is a fully imagined idea of where humanity is headed — and what evils we’re capable of. This simplicity is so well brought out, that it put most other movies with big budgets out there to shame. If you haven’t seen this yet…make it a must watch on your list!

#3. The Martian


Think of it as Robinson Crusoe on Mars… it’s the most epic way to describe this movie, and Matt Daemon, is always getting himself abandoned in strange new worlds, without civilization! Either way, it’s One of Ridley Scott’s better films in years features one of Matt Damon’s best performances.

#2. Mad Max: Fury Road


A real visual and narrative hallucination, that does not stop at any time and steals your breath every minute.George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road upends all expectations-about how action sequences are composed, what themes a blockbuster can contain, or who a film’s actual protagonist can be-and puts most other filmmakers working on this scale to shame. if you haven’t seen this – shame on you! but do make it a priority to watch!

#1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


It was really a toss up between Mad Max and Star Wars: TFA – but in the end the Force was strong with this one! .J. Abrams and his crew have restored the shine to the beloved franchise! It does exactly what it needs to be a crowd-pleaser in that regard. While it doesn’t break any new ground so to speak, it’s probably what the franchise and the fans needed!


There you have it folks, our top 10 Action, Sci-Fi and Comic Book movies of 2015! Let us know your thoughts on this list!




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