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Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman Earth One Gets Nasty!

When the spoilers for Wonder Woman Earth One by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette hit the internet, there was tons of negativity and well, let’s just say unfavorable reactions going on. So, mostly, Anne from got an advanced digital copy, and she goes on to really massacre the book. I’m not opposed to what she said, or what she says – it’s quite disgusting the way they’ve portrayed the whole Amazonian race vs Mans World.

From the opening pages of Hercules quite literally raping Hippolyta to Diana feeling Steve’s dick, (oh and Steve is black in this one), not to mention the weird lesbian fantasy on the island to the sorority girls getting in on the bandwagon – all of it, points to some strange fantasy that Morrison and Paquette concocted. To make it worse, they had to throw in the whole slave angle with Steve Trevor…again..a black Steve Trevor. Why would they bring up something so stupid, like Slaves + Black People??

Rape is not cool..not even in comics.
Rape is not cool..not even in comics.


Wonder Woman Year One
Was it not evident by his face or body? She had to make sure!


This gets more messed up.
This gets more messed up.

Not sure what the duo was smoking while making this comic, because the vagina shaped invisible jet has me intrigued, well not just that, but it’s what that design represents and how Morrison talks about it that really has me intrigued:


“What would a society of immortal women that’s been around for 7,000 years have done? They wouldn’t still be chopping men’s head’s off; they’ve got art and architecture and philosophy and poetry and it’s got nothing to do with men…. And for the first 48 pages, there are no men — it’s just women talking to each other. And then halfway through the book, we’re building up to this big fight, and then I thought, ‘No, I’m not.’ This book isn’t about fights, there’s not going to be any fights. So we threw out the rules of traditional boy’s adventure fiction. It’s the most exciting book I’ve done in years, it changed everything I’m thinking about the future.”

Overall, I’m still excited to read it, despite the massive spoilers over at Goodreads, let us know your thoughts.

Oh and one last thing….Why the fuck are they jousting on Kangaroos!!

Kangaroo Jousting! Who'd have thunk?!
Kangaroo Jousting! Who’d have thunk?!


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