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Legends of Wrestlemania Roster

Back in 2008, during E3, Legends of Wrestlemania  was revealed to the world! As with nearly any wrestling game, a big part of Legends’ success is going to ride on that all-important roster. That is exactly what we’re bring you today! The Legends of Wrestlemania Roster (in alphabetical order)

· Andre The Giant
· Animal
· Arn Anderson
· Bam Bam Bigelow
· Big Bossman
· Big John Studd
· Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
· Bret Hitman Hart
· British Bulldog
· Brutus Beefcake
· Dusty Rhodes
· Greg Valentine
· Hacksaw Jim Duggan
· Hawk
· Honky Tonk Man
· Hulk Hogan
· Hunter Hearst Helmsley
· Iron Sheik
· Jake The Snake
· Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
· Jimmy Hart
· Jimmy Snuka
· Junkyard Dog
· Kamala
· King Kong Bundy
· Koko B. Ware
· Michael Hayes
· Mr. Fuji
· Mr. Perfect
· Nikolai Volkoff
· Paul Bearer
· Ravishing Rick Rude
· Ric Flair
· Rowdy Roddy Piper
· Sgt. Slaughter
· Shawn Michaels
· Stone Cold Steve Austin
· Ted DiBiase
· The Rock
· The Ultimate Warrior
· Undertaker
· Yokozuna

I can’t get you a better look than here:

The game is releasing today – March 24th on the PS3 and Xbox 360!

Update: The review is out! Click here to read the WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Xbox 360 Review




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