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No Price Drop for PS3 Planned

Sony PlayStation 3In anticipation for the ‘big news‘ that’s coming up, Sony dismissed rumors of a price drop saying that, “SCEA remains focused on the long-term momentum of the PS3. With the industry’s best software lineup this year, combined with our most aggressive marketing campaign to date, we remain confident in our approach and the value we’re delivering with PS3.”

Not very sure what’s being planned but yes, less than a few hours to go for the planned announcement. Maybe it has nothing to do with the PS3. Maybe they’ll announce a slashed PS2 price; and I’m almost certain that they’ll talk something about the PSP, keeping in mind that the Nindendo DSi is coming up. But if they do announce the PS3 price drop, despite them sayin there’s no drop, i think Sony might be looking at a drop in its  image. Or maybe some people will go, “yay! Sony rocks!” I dunno. takes all kinds of people.

Well whatever it is, we’ll know tomorrow for sure. Stay tuned!




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