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CryEngine 3 First Look

One of the major stories that came out of this years GDC was the announcement that the CryEngine was on it’s way to a console near you.But the burning question in every fanboys heart is which console is going to be able to handle the power of the CryEngine the best?

Based on all the hype that was there at the GDC, here’s the first look at the Cry Engine 3 screens. Sadly its only the outdoor environments that look good. Streets, buildings and darker areas just look average. Overall not very impressed..but its still a demo, so i reckon they’ll improve it as this goes along. The question to really ask yourself now: what kind of graphics card will this need for the PC? Is it scalable? How different is it from the PS3 and Xbox 360? Demo vids are good, but like we’ve always said, I don’t like synthetic results. Let some real world games come out and we’ll pit em against each other to get the verdict. Until then stay tuned!

Check out the gallery below and share thoughts:

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