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NYCC: Meet The Inquisitor – Star Wars Rebels Villain Revealed

Meet ‘The Inquisitor‘ – Star Wars Rebels latest villain! The Inquisitor, tasked by Darth Vader “to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights.While it’s probably too early to say how bad-ass he’s going to be; Dave Filoni describes him as ‘the new evil’. It’s interesting to note that this is the first Star Wars character to be made by Disney.

The show itself; Star Wars Rebels, is one to look forward to, as it focuses solely on the Empire. Growing up, we all had our first tryst with the Empire, in Star Wars Episodes IV through VI and we knew instantly, they were something else!

Star Wars Rebels returns to the roots that made the franchise a cult classic. Especially with the art and CG returning with the classic Tie Fighters and Imperial Star Destroyers. For one, I can’t wait to see more of this!

Check out the reveal of the character from executive producer Dave Filoni.

Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo describes the Inquisitor’s origins as that of..

“Pre-existing lore. The idea of there being these agents – the Empire’s sinister agents – that were out there making sure any vestiges of the Jedi were wiped out.”

A little more was revealed about Rebels at NYCC by Hidalgo as he discussed many aspects of the show. For those must know details…it is specifically set 14 years after Episode III (that’s five years before Episode IV) and that the Empire has, in many ways, been a welcome change for the galaxy – at least systems close to Coruscant, where it’s provided “security and stability, no matter the cost” to those who seek it and that there is a “fervent patriotism” among many in those central systems.

But the Empire wants to grow, “it wants more territory,” noted Hidalgo and “It does this by pushing out into outer rim.” One such planet is Lothal, which has been settled for a long time, but beyond the Republic and Empire’s domain. It’s a “Frontier world. Poor, or at least not exploiting the resources it does have.”

Initially, the planet’s population is excited about the Empire’s arrival, but as time goes in, it becomes clear to some that, “The Empire doesn’t have Lothal’s best interest in mind. That allows people with rebellious thoughts to emerge.” Including among our main characters, the crew of the starship called Ghost.

We’ll have to wait to learn about those folks though, as the main focus of the panel was on the show’s villains – the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars Rebels hits Disney Channel as a one-hour special in 2014, before premiering as a series on Disney XD. Can’t wait!!



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