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Shopping for cutting edge products?

How many times have you gone online with a strong intent of searching and buying something which you saw or heard of? BUT how many times have you actually found what you’re looking for? OR if you did find it, was the price right? Or did you meet your exact specifications? I’m guessing that’s what happens more often than that. Well if you are like me always on the look out for cutting edge stuff, but never knew where exactly to go; then read on.
Enter, Design Mind Group. These guys are so amazing that it’s touted to be the next big thing online. Even better than Amazon! ‘Design Mind Group, Threat to Amazon?’ you say? Well when you see the wide range of fun, innovative and cutting edge products that they have, you’ll know what I’m talking about. A stunning catalogue of over 10000 different products AND all of these are primarily stuff which is still on the concept phase or are early in development. Does this mean they’re bad products? Of course not!! These are products which are being sold with the intent of appealing to a sense of newness! To those people who crave for new technology, to educate and make aware if you will!
So if you thought the products were’s something cooler. The entire site is built with such quality and is technically sound. The checkout process works like a charm. Simple, Clean and Flawless , backed up with robust customer support. What’s more…the prices are to die for! Amazing deals I tell you. I was quite surprised at the prices of such products. I always imagined a cutting edge product in its initial days to be overpriced.. maybe it is, but looking around and comparing, I personally find them to be very very competitive.
Also, it’s not just them selling cutting edge products. They’re always on the look out for new and cutting edge products that will be the ‘next big thing’ and bring them into the market. There is a strong New Products Division team which helps them do this!
So what are you waiting for?? Get going right now!!

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