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Top 10 Must Watch Movies on Valentine’s Day

February brings with it a feeling of love and bliss. It is that time of the year when love is in the air, when you see couples walking hand in hand, when restaurants are overbooked for that perfect candle-lit dinners and when thoughtful and romantic gifts are exchanged.

It is also the time when couples get together for a perfect evening of romance. And romantic movies are usually part of this affair. So, we have come up with 10 best romantic movies that you can watch on Valentine’s day.

We are sure you have already watched (and watched) movies like Titanic, Serendipity, Notting Hill, Runaway Bride, Love Story, 10 Things I Hate About You and the likes. So, here is a list of must-watch Valentine day movies in case you have missed any:

#10: 50 first dates


What would you do for the person you love? Will you be with someone all your life even if it meant that everyday you have to remind them of who you are? Well, this is story of a boy who does exactly that! This movie will definitely make your hearts tingle.

#9: A Lot Like Love


A rom-com, this movie will definitely steal your heart. A boy and girl meet each other at different stages in their lives and at different ages. From a one-time fling to friendship to falling in love – their journey will make you laugh, cry, smile and fall in love all over again!

#8: Before sunrise


What would you do if you had only one day to spend with a person whom you just met and fell in love with? This is the story of just two people talking and bonding throughout the movie who met on a train to Europe. They have just one evening together in Vienna – and this might just be their only time together!

#7: Definitely, maybe


He is a political consultant with an 11-year old daughter and on the verge of a divorce. One fine day his daughter insists on knowing the story of how he met her mother. So, he talks about three special women who have entered and re-entered his life. He changes their names and makes it interesting by asking her to guess who her mother is. And during this storytelling process, with the help of his daughter he discovers who his true love is.

#6: Just like heaven


When it comes to unlikely love stories, this movie definitely tops the list. But, it is so beautifully made and the storyline is just so sweet that one can’t help but get over the absurdity and wish that this was real. *Sigh* A lonely architect recovering from the death of his wife moves into an apartment only to find it haunted by a beautiful girl. The unlikely part – he falls in love with her spirit. Will this love story have a happy ending? If yes, then how? Only one way to find out!

#5: The Vow


A happily married couple is suddenly struck with tragedy when the girl meets with an accident resulting in memory loss. She remembers her life up to a point barring the memory of her career change and her husband. Now it is up to her husband to try and win her back against all odds which include her ex-fiance and disapproving parents. His endeavors to win her back will melt your heart and make you believe in love all over again.

#4: The Notebook


Based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, this is one of the most beautiful love story ever made. A poor passionate man meets a rich girl who wants to be free. These two unlikely people fall in love but are tragically separated due to their different social status. The story follows these two people from their teenage life to old age till their death. A poignant love story, this movie is definitely going to bring tears to your eyes. Guys, beware you may shed a tear or two as well!

#3: The Holiday


In an unique setting, two heartbroken girls decide to switch houses looking for a much-needed break. One comes from the happening city of L.A. and the other from a English countryside. Just the change they both need. Watch as they switch places for a holiday and end up in a series of fun and sweet moments. They make memories to cherish forever and find the love that had been eluding them all their lives. This movie will definitely warm your hearts and make you realise that sometimes you need to travel that extra distance for love.

#2: What Happens in Vegas


Boy meets girl. Boy hates her. Girl hates him. Both are damaged in some way. And now they are stuck with each other and finally they fall in love filling in the gaps in each others’ lives. Same old plot? Not really! This movie featuring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz brings a freshness and touch of quirky humour to it that you will definitely enjoy.

#1: Valentine’s Day


As the pressure of Valentine’s day mounts up, we meet different couples and singles dealing with it in different ways – funny, touching, tragic and mostly romantic, this movie has all the elements you need to make this day special. Some stories intertwine leading to a very interesting storyline –     A guy gets his heart broken when his fiance decides to leave him while his best friend (a girl obviously) is unknowingly in love with a married man. A teenage girl wants to lose her virginity and her friend on the other hand decides to wait. An old couple is dealing with a troubled marriage while a young couple start a new relationship. Named appropriately, this is the movie for the V-Day!

There you have it folks! Hope enjoyed reading this list as much as we did making it. Hope you’re already having a fantastic Valentine’s day!




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