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Batman vs. Superman – Why This Movie is Set to Fail

Batman vs. Superman is on track it seems to launch 6th May 2016. While the studios have us believe its going to be the most epic of battles, we think it’s going to be far less than that. Let us look at things that make us believe that this movie will absolutely and positively suck and leave us disappointed.

First of all let’s not forget what an epic failure Man of Steel was. Speaking on behalf of all ‘superhero’ movie lovers, we are sure you will agree when we say that this movie was a huge sham! Henry Cavill may have been a dreamboat, but let’s face it, the storyline was so pathetic that even his gorgeous smile couldn’t save the day! No matter what the reviews say or how much IMDB rates it, we maintain that this movie was bad. A disappointment for all Christopher Nolan fans and superhero lovers.

Then, second; we are not too thrilled about how Batman is being positioned – tired and weary. Nolan’s Dark Knight, has set the bar really high, so it’s going to be REALLY hard for this ‘tired and weary’ Batman to get there. We believe that Ben Affleck will be awesome as Bruce Wayne, but he’s got a lot riding on his back, especially after his last super-hero escapade as Daredevil. Now, we know that Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, but how, what and where she’s going to fit into the scheme of things in this Batman vs. Superman movie is a mystery. Our primary concern is that this MAY have been a wrong start point for Wonder Woman to make her big screen debut. Then there’s, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, well, we’ve already said that’s not going to go down well.

And now coming back to the first things we mentioned – Batman vs. Superman, we don’t really know what angle they’re coming at, if you’ve already seen ‘The World’s Finest‘, you’ll know they will meet, face off, and then eventually work together. Tried, tested, and bored of that angle. The Avengers did that too. We only hope this is isn’t going to be another Avengers movie with different heroes. Now that wouldn’t be all that bad would it? Except, it would offer the comic book fans nothing new. Although, there may be some truth to it being an adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Last year at Comic Con, actor Harry Lennix took the stage at Comic-Con to read a memorable piece of dialogue:

“I want you to remember, Clark. In all the years to come. In all your most private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

I can envision our ‘tired and weary’ Batman saying something like that. That would be awesome!

Finally, what’s Superman’s role in all of this? Sure, his name is in the title, but there’s almost no talk of what ‘big blue’ is going to be doing in this movie. There’s talk of NightWing and Flash making some sort of appearance. The CW’s superhero TV series Arrow recently introduced Grant Gustin as The Flash, who had been widely rumored to appear in Batman vs. Superman, though it’s unclear if the film would cast its own version of the character. In November, Girls star Adam Driver was a favorite to play Nightwing — the Batman sidekick formerly known as Robin — though Driver has since denied the rumors. And Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa is up for some kind of role in the film, though it’s not even clear if he’ll be playing a hero or a villain; fans have speculated that he’s a good fight to play anyone from the supervillain Doomsday to the Martian Manhunter, a supporting member of the Justice League.

I know we already said ‘finally’ – but FINALLY – There are too many moving parts in this movie which is why we think it is going to be a major disaster. There’s going to be very very little depth to everything they do and how they do it. One thing we hated about The Avengers movie, is it made Capt. America, Hawkeye and The Black Widow, look like B-Grade heroes. When you think of the DC universe, everyone from Superman to Flash are pretty much A-Listers. It’s going to be interesting to see how they pull it off.

The Bottom line (because, we already said ‘finally’ twice) – The Batman vs. Superman movie, assuming that’s the final title, is a super-ambitious project, one that’s likely to have very little wind under it’s cape to soar the heights The Avengers reached. We’d like to see this succeed, but like we said…way too many moving parts to pull it off. Comparing it to the Avengers, may be unfair at some level, after all, it’s not titled ‘Justice League‘ right? However, we strongly believe that the DC universe may sneak past their Marvel counterparts at some point, or maybe the actual Justice League movie might beat The Avengers and it’s sequel hollow. While that may be good to dream about for now, we’re pretty sure that Batman vs. Superman, isn’t going to be the one to set things on fire, but it’s certainly a start, and one in the right direction for DC.



  1. Well MOS wasn’t an epic failure, so I kind of stopped reading there. If you are going to write an article don’t start with presumptions.


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