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Is Netflix paving the way forward for the upcoming TV shows?

Netflix started out as a DVD rental service where they gave access to unlimited movies for a minimal monthly fees and then expanded on to streaming movies and TV shows online. Now, people from many parts of the country (unfortunately, India is not in the list yet but we can keep our fingers crossed!) just log on to Netflix and enjoy their favourite shows and movies.

Netflix has pioneered the new way of watching TV – it is has brought television to every platform possible. Gaming consoles, Portable Devices, LCD TVs etc. – wherever there is a screen there is Netflix! The progress still continues. Netflix started airing exclusive content as well starting with Lilyhammer which was originally aired in Norway and now it is making way for many of the new upcoming shows and upcoming seasons – Orange is the new Black and the much awaited new season of Arrested Development. And they just got the ball rolling…people are now expecting more exclusive content and new seasons thereafter. To become a huge player in the entertainment business, Netflix has been adding a lot of exclusive content online, not just to attract its US customer base but also its international customers. For example it recently forayed into the ‘TV shows’ zone of Canada scoring some of their shows to showcase online and they also added some of the famous TV shows (Downton Abbey for example) for the Canadian market.

With this winning strategy, Netflix is bound to win over other countries as well making their presence more and more prominent. To add to their already wide base, Netflix has also taken over documentaries and stand-up comedies. Gradually they will take over each segment featured on a regular television. That day is not far when Netflix will let you watch news, music videos, elections and other events etc.

To make things even better, Netflix has some great news for its disappointed and disheartened viewers – they are even trying to revive cancelled shows! AMC dropped the show ‘The Killing’ because of low ratings but who guess saved the show and us? Netflix, of course! This should definitely have more people flocking to avail their services. We know we would – we in fact have a list of shows ready that we want back (of course we also want Netflix in India!) 😀

Netflix is also spending a lot of money creating original shows – an investment that no doubt will bear them huge profits in near future. Take House of Cards for example which became a big hit with the first season and was an online-only show, earning the first Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Netflix. The second season is due to release on 14th Feb and the viewers will get to watch all the 13 episodes back-to-back. A TV show buff just had his/her dream come true!

And guess who is joining the bandwagon? Daredevil! That is true…this series is going to exclusively be aired on Netflix, making its debut in 2015. Netflix seems to be full of happy surprises for its viewers – we can’t wait to hear more!


Keeping in mind all this, do we think that Netflix is going to pave the way for the upcoming TV shows? Hell, yeah! Cable TV, set top boxes are soon going to be obsolete! Netflix is definitely going to reach out to other countries making TV redundant everywhere!



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