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Top 5 Super-Hero Romances

Super-hero romances are often portrayed as large, legendary and unimaginable events in their lives that somehow gets in the way of their lives. Well, despite all that there are several of them that have stood the test of time…we’ll not all, but certainly some have been steamier than others. Here we take a look at the top 5 hook-ups among the Super-Hero fraternity.


5) Daredevil and Black Widow

Known for his playboy tactics and hook-ups with many (many!) women like Echo, Elektra and others from the non-superhero category, Daredevil definitely has a reputation! But with Black Widow there was something different. This relationship unfortunately didn’t last long much to our disappointment. Daredevil and Black Widow, however, remain ‘friends’. Yes, we said it in quotes…if you know what that means! *Wink, Wink* We can only hope these two rekindle their romance this Valentine’s Day.

4) Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic

The ‘Fantastic Four’ couple have seen some rocky times but have finally ended up marrying each other and raising a family. As a couple, they have definitely made it. But, let’s not forget the problems they face – with Invisible Woman a.k.a Sue falling for Mr. Fantastic’s i.e. Reed’s enemies and Reed being emotionally unavailable, this couple has definitely had to work through their relationship. Isn’t that what every relationship is made of? But unlike other normal couples, these super heroes powered through to a happy ending. *Bliss* And the best part? They complete each other. She compensates him for his lack of emotional sense and he for her lack of logical sense. Perfect!

3) Batman and Catwoman

While they are both super heroes, Batman is the one fighting for justice and the right thing to do. On the other hand, Catwoman is someone who doesn’t give a rat’s a** about anything. One is a saviour and the other well apart from a saviour…a burglar. He tries to reform her, while she helps him lighten up. Opposites attract they say! Though they are not “officially” together, their passion has been a huge attraction in many comics. We also saw them come together in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. We give a thumbs up to this couple.

2) Cyclops and Jean Grey

Their love story is probably one of the most turbulent ones – even in the world of superheroes! Cyclops and Jean Grey have been smitten with each other since X-Men began. Their relationship faced many ups and downs (mostly downs) like the entry of Wolverine leading to an apparent love triangle. Then came the most tragic ‘Dark Phoenix’ saga leading to Jean Grey’s untimely death. But, as fate would have it she came back from the dead to reunite with Cyclops – through the dark times and against the evil forces, these two super heroes maintained their love. Romantic, huh?

1) Superman/ Wonder Woman

When it comes to superhero couples, Superman and Wonder Woman as a romantic couple is no new concept but finally it has become official with the release of Superman/Wonder Woman comics. They first kissed in Justice League #12 and today their love affair is out and exposed. Man of Steel and the Warrior Princess – could there be a stronger combination? Superman can fly and so can Wonder Woman, blue eyes and dark hair is a common factor, their costumes match and they both come from extraordinary backgrounds. They seem perfect for each other and how this relationship will turn out? Only time will tell!






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