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Top 5 Basketball Themed Movies

March brought with it Basketball Fever; but the madness set in, when they ‘almost’ announced Space Jam 2. Anyway, with that no longer happening, we took a look at our list of movies based on this theme that you are absolutely going to love! So, here are top 5 basketball themed movies that will get you in the mood (even the non-fans will have a change of heart!):

The Basketball Diaries


Leonardo Di Caprio and Mark Wahlberg in their earlier days – a performance so remarkable that you will forget how young they are. This movie is about a high school star basketball player who turns into a junkie and life just takes its toll on the young man. A riveting plot line; what is more interesting to watch is that it is based on a true story.




If you are looking for an inspiring, heart-warming and life-changing movie, then this is it! A small high school in Indiana deals with every hurdle that life throws at them and beats every odd to enter and win the basketball state title! This movie will definitely charge you and have adrenaline pumping through your veins – a movie you can watch again and again! Based on a true story, that too!


Coach Carter



Most basketball movies (at least the good ones) are based on true stories – this one does too. Guess that is what makes these movies so intriguing and motivating. Samuel L. Jackson plays Coach Carter who becomes the coach at his old high school (where he was a basketball star). Only his aim is not only to just get his team to win but he wants his students to excel on the academic front too as he doesn’t want them to turn towards violence and crime at the end of high school. As a result he faces protests from the school board and parents who just want to win the title. His resilience finally wins and though the team loses in the final game, they end up winning a much bigger deal!


Space Jam



If you are looking for a light-hearted basketball movie, then nothing beats this animated movie featuring the real Michael Jordan. A movie loved by kids, this is definitely going to entertain the adults as well. And did we mention it has Michael Jordan in it? Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and their friends take on the Monstars in what will be the wildest, coolest and the most entertaining basketball game ever! This movie guarantees fun!


Finding Forrester



We mention this movie here because how can we not! But, we are sincerely hoping you have watched this movie – if not, then make this your priority now! Sean Connery, Rob Brown, and Michael Pitt – this movie boasts of an impressive cast and plot line. A young man who is an amazing basketball player and an excellent writer is sent to prep school to play ball. Here he becomes friends with a reclusive writer and hones his talent; in the process discovering his true identity. What to watch out for? Lots of basketball action for all you sport lovers.

Other movies worth watching are Hoop Dreams, White Men Can’t Jump, Blue Chips, Glory Road and He Got Game.



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